Why people from Haryana are rude?

Haryanavi people, as from the public view, are down to earth people. Haryanavi as a dialect is known as Lathmar dialect ( A killing stick). When a Haryanavi speaks his own dialect, he seems to be rude. As Compared to other states, they are a little bit more aggressive.

Why Haryanvi People Are Considered As Rude?

  1. Humour: Humour is in their blood. They do it and enjoy it. For them humour is not to hurt but to enjoy environment and build relationship. They love to enjoy in spite of sitting quietly.
  2. Language: They have Lathmar or Khadi boli. Their language is like that, whatever they say, it always looks offensive to others.
  3. Physic: They generally have good physic. So if someone gets hurt by them then they don’t prefer to discuss. They think it will heat up the situation and it is really difficult to fight. So in spite of this they prefer to call them rude.
  4. Food : This one is just for fun. Food is their weakness. They don’t consider anyone in front of it. They want to consume as maximum as they can.

They are very aggressive. Even if some minor incident happens, they will come to you saying “Batau ke tanne ?” [ means “should I show myself and kick you off ?” ]. If two persons have got just a minor conflict, the other persons and crowd would encourage them to fight instead of splitting them.
( This all things are very normal in Haryana as you might have seen it )

Are They Really Rude?

No, if they are having fun with you, making jokes on you then that is the way they love to live their life. If Haryanvi people is making fun of you then he will be the person who will stand for you in any situation.

Yes, they sound rude because they have such a distorted Hindi language ( Haryanvi ) which just sounds rude. But once you learn it, it is not. It just sounds like that. They are very kind and helpful people with a big heart. They are known to be lively and brave and their liveliness and unique sense of humour is understood to be rude sometimes. They would make you strong, self defensive. In Haryana, the person would offer you a ride, and would put you at the safe place even if it is midnight or 2 AM without any fear.

Martyrs From Haryana

I have heard too many parks, statues named after martyrs in Haryana, which I have not heard in other parts of the country. Some of the martyrs from Haryana are:

  • Randhir Singh Kaliramna (Subedar) – Vir Chakra
  • Balwan Singh (Lance Hawaldar) – Sena Medal
  • Bhim Singh Malik (Naik) – Sena Medal
  • Jasvir Singh (Rifleman)
  • Vijay Singh (Lance Naik)

All India knows, they are great at athletics, boxing, kushti, kabaddi. They have won medals infinite time for India. They have made our country proud many a times. Whenever our country needs someone, they are always in front.


So, it can be said that Haryanavi people are not rude at all. It is just the language which makes us look like that. If you are willing to add your comment, then you can put up in the comment section below.