Web Series: New Entertainment World

Web Series : A New Entertainment World

Quite a few of us are guilty of watching ‘Kasauti Zindagi Kay’ or ‘Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi’ with their family in the mid 2000’s. Whether or not we enjoyed these shows, it’s an untold fact that Indian Television has been featherbrained since the past almost 2 decades. Keeping aside the exceptions like Sarabhai, 24 or Mahi way to name, most of its content hasn’t been very impressive. The TRP’s have always been increased with the evil aunties with big bindis or the mother-in-law’s offensive taunts. However, Lately the Indian entertainment content has been changing for good with the introduction of web-series.

Web series on the rise

With better content, web series have taken all the spotlight from television. Also, the youth has become internet and web centric. One hardly gets time to watch TV. This is one of the reason why web series have developed a huge scope in today’s generation. By being less time consuming and more interesting and intellectual, it’s obvious that web series are on the rise.

Where can I watch Indian web series?

TVF, The Viral Fever has left really high standards for its viewers in name of its content. Some of its best ones can be named as TVF Tripling, Permanent Roommates and Pitchers. With ALT Balaji coming up with new impressive content, shows like Haq Se and Bose Dead/Alive are a must watch. Coming to the lighter shows, Little things, Aisha and Girl in the city are a good watch too.

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Why Web Series are better?

With shorter duration and just 10-12 episodes, web series have always grasped the viewers’ attention. Apart from the duration, the genres have always varied from romantic to comedy to thrillers. The Recent web series, Haq se have accurately depicted the plight of the Kashmiris. Along with that, they have accurately depicted women empowerment in its right sense like the freedom of speech and dignity. Along with entertainment, the important message which is a need of the hour has been successfully passed on. With fast moving stories and intellectual messages, it’s safe to say that Web series can be considered as the future of Indian entertainment.

Bollywood Coming in

There has always been an old age custom in the entertainment industry that had created a hierarchy keeping the Movies at a higher rank followed by the TV, also called as Small screen. This hierarchy made the Big shot actors resist starring on small screens except in reality shows. However, various Bollywood actors have been starred in some of these web series breaking through the fashion. Rajkumar Rao’s Bose Dead/Alive on ALTBalaji or R Madhavan’s Breathe on Amazon Video have garnered a good response.


Reality always touches the human heart. Most of the web series are known to have a realistic setting along with characters we all can relate to. Despite the fact that not all hundred percent shows are realistic but it is safe to say that they are more realistic than the Saas-bahu dramas.

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