Views On Indian Justice System And Crimes

Slow Legal System

A very huge and pressing issue in India in today’s times is the slow justice system. We all know how long it takes for cases to get reviewed, heard and for justice to be served. The problem might lay in the fact that there an overwhelming number of cases that are filed each day. In no way, is it possible that the number of judges matches the number of cases because of the sheer population if our country. But, that does not deny the fact that there is a glaring mismanagement and casual attitude when it comes to the legal system in India. Because people are aware that they will not be able to avail justice and their resources will only be exhausted in a prolonged fight in an Indian court, most things are dealt with outside the legal courtrooms.

Need Of Swift Justice

But, it is imperative that some cases go to court and legal justice is doled out swiftly. Especially in cases of human brutality: terrorism, rapes, murders etc. But, a debate has long existed about what kind of punishment such monsters deserve. While some people nobly argue that capital punishment is inhumane and should be done away with, the horrifying crimes that some people commit make us realise that they deserve a punishment way worse than the death penalty itself.

What Punishments Suit What Kinds Of Crimes?

But, this makes me question a lot of things. Till what extent, to what extremity is the ideology of fighting a stone with stone okay? How do we decide what is forgivable and what atrocities deserve a punishment?  Morally speaking, I believe the only way out is take into question if other humans were harmed by the act or not? If other people were harmed or intentionally put in harm’s way, then, I believe the crime deserves a strict penalty like putting the person in jail or even in worse cases, the death penalty.

Wht Exactly Is Evil?

What this makes me wonder is how readily our mind sometimes deems people evil. And, all of it depends upon our ideologies and our perceptions. To me, terrorists, rapists, or pretty much anyone or everyone who causes harm to people’s life, physically or otherwise is evil. The people I put in this category range from disgusting criminals to emotional abusers, manipulators, whose crimes leave no visible scars. Albeit, this will undoubtedly vary from person to person. It might be possible that I might be someone’s very definition of evil.

How To Deal With Evil?

Another thing this makes me question is how to deal with atrocities in an effective manner? How do we get justice or rather revenge for acts of terrorism or sexual abuse or any harm caused? Is the death penalty enough? Is the legal justice system enough t deal with these rising number of horrific crimes that are taking place daily by the dozen in our country. People seem to have lost their moral compass and the fear of the law. In such a scenario, do we re – instill a fear of God or punishment? Or, do we appeal to people’s humane side, provided there is one? The most viable and quickly effective option we have right now is obviously making our laws more stringent and making the monsters living amongst us tremble and remind everyone that, as of now, that law sees everything and everyone is under scrutiny.

End Note

Here I rambled a bit about the legal system, crimes that take place and what constitutes evil and how to deal with it. I am open to discussions on this!