The issues with Matrimonial Agencies

Are you a 25+ Indian Boy or 21+ Indian Girl ? I am quite sure at least once in any family function you must have been approached by a Rishte waali Aunty trying to get your bio data and a new client for herself.

No matter how much embarrassing or annoying these conversations might be, as an Eighteen year old I can not much relate to these kind of situations. However, with a few close acquaintances heading such agencies,  I have come in close contact with the negative aspects of these departments.

The Matrimonial companies, be it legit agencies or websites have a huge business. The matrimonial page of a newspaper often shows us the failure of education in our country with its demand of fair and slim prospective brides/grooms.

Judging a book by its cover

The Matrimonial agencies are a perfect example of how a person is judged by their appearance. Girls are asked to be more dolled up then usual when going to look for a partner as if that’s how she is going to look all her life if she marries him.

Reality and genuineness is somewhere lost in all the process and at times regretted by the couple as they turn out to be incompatible. Personality of a person is weighed out in comparison of Family Background or Social Status.


There are still a lot of stereotypes followed in the arranged marriage meetings. A few of them can be to assume a girl to be very “badtameez” if she is opinionated or making sure the Girl is lesser than the boy in all aspects like Age, Height (not even same), Job or salary.

This Biba Ad had known to Bash all the stereotypes associated with arranged marriages. It was quite a good move but sadly, even today quite a lot of families give in to the societal pressure.

The exposure of real self

Quite often it happens so that the elders which we once saw as the sweet aunties/ Uncles turn out to show their real self when it comes to them finding a suitable partner for their children. Not just parents, but at times the person him/herself also is accused of following such stereotypes.

The Bank Balance always seems to be a priority than the actual nature of the person. Girls and boys are often rejected because of their skin tone. Pairs are mostly made on the physical appearance of the kids that their own compatibility. This is one of the leading causes of failed relationships in arranged marriages.

The depths of Discrimination

Mostly the agencies function caste wise. In various castes too there are sub castes and other issues that people discriminate on.

 For Example, In Muslims mostly the question asked is, “They are sunni’s or shia’s?” Furthermore, the Biharis go in the Class difference of The Khans and The Ansaris. Most of the alliances and engagements have been broken due to these fragile issues.So It can be said that it’s not just the Inter-Caste marriages that are objected but also the Inter-Class, Inter Sub-Caste etc.

The Higher chances of being Mistaken

Though there are cases of people changing post Love Marriages, but in the case of such matrimonial alliances, there is a higher chance of being duped. Cases of Dowry Demands, Marital Rapes, incompatible relationships are seen comparatively more in these alliances.

This can be counted on as the families in most cases are complete strangers to each other and it’s a little difficult to know each other in and out in a short span of time.

Though there are many cases of successful arranged marriages and its quite often considered better or long  lasting than the love marriages, the certain negative aspects of it will continue to remain in the society.

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