Successful Indians Who are School/ College Dropouts

Education in general, not only carve our skills but also opens several avenues and platforms to showcase our talents. Right now there are hundreds of thousands of students across India, who have just found out their results for the 12th board exams. For some there will be reason to rejoice, for others it is perhaps a disappointing day. There might even be those who are feeling like complete failures due to the marks they have secured. However, a bad marksheet, or any failure, does not imply that a person is destined to be a failure for the rest of their lives. There are some personalities who had excel without getting any formal education and thus proved that formal education is not the only way to achieve success in life.

Here are the 8 famous Indian personalities who became successful instead of failing in academic life.

Mukesh Ambani

He dropped out of his MBA program and went on to become the Managing Director of Reliance Industries and is also the 9th richest man in the world according to Forbes magazine which literally seems pretty good.

Akshay Kumar

Today, the world knows about Akshay Kumar as a National Award winning actor and one of the most successful actors in Bollywood actors broad mass appeal. But before he became a star, he was a kid who failed an exam in school and was terrified of showing his report card to his parents. He used his own failures as springboard to chase his dreams.

P.C Mustafa

PC Mustafa grew up in an illiterate family in an obscure part of Kerala. With rudimentary access to resources, he ended up failing 6th grade. The one who was working as a labourer in a farm, today runs a ₹62 crore worth brand that sells packaged food, called ID Special Foods Pvt Ltd. He completed his MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. Today, he is far more successful that he could have possibly imagined as a child who failed in middle school.

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan is one of the most admired actor of Bollywood. He has a creative mind and without doubt his films like 3 idiots, PK Dangal, etc were truly amazing. But unfortunately, he was not a bright student. So, he dropped his studies after completing his 12th class and went to create magic of acting in Bollywood. He has no any degree but God has given him a great fame in world.

Kapil Dev

He is one of the most famous Indian cricketers of all time. Regardless of everything he achieved in his life; education has always been important to him. He has once declared that his one regret was that he dropped out of college.

Smriti Irani

India’s Human Resource Development minister allegedly only studied up to class 12. Surprising, considering she is in charge of the Education Department of the Government, though there are reports that she did a commerce course in 2013.

Deepak Ravindran

A computer science dropout from LBS College Of Engineering in his 5th semester in 2007 end, Deepak never let his ideas caged by book and syllabi. He founded Quest technologies which let people answer someone else’s question which has been asked by a text message. His latest venture is Lookup, which is a local commerce messaging app which lets users chat with local businesses and shops.

Kailash Katkar

Kailash Katkar, who grew up in a tiny little village in Maharashtra, came from an extremely humble background and had to drop out after his 10th grade due to familial circumstances. Since he was good with gadgets, he worked at a small radio and calculator repair shop. He decided to learn everything about the business and became a self-taught expert technicians. Kailash Katkar, now is the Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Quick Heal Technologies which is one of the pioneers of Research and Development of IT security solutions in India having 31 branch offices in India and global offices in Japan, USA, Kenya and Dubai.


The list don’t stop here. There are number of examples who literally proves that success is not only achieved through academic degrees but through determination and dedication.

So, don’t get disappointed if you fail or score bad in your academics but be confident and determined to follow and dream and eventually you’ll accomplish the success.