Sapiosexy: Debunking myths around intelligence

Sapiosexy Definition: One who finds intelligence the most sexually attractive feature; behavior of becoming attracted to or aroused by intelligence and its use.

“Oh I don’t care about looks, it’s intelligence that’s attractive” say so many of us looking for potential partners. With this statement, we try to show our superiority by disregarding a “trivial” trait such as looks and valuing something “far more important” like intelligence. Let us see whether our beliefs are well founded.

“Smart” is highly subjective

Even IQ tests come with disclaimers and there is no measure or standard that accurately determines a person’s intelligence. In fact, the whole concept of intelligence is pretty ambiguous. We can be intelligent without being good at maths or physics, we can be intelligent despite giving a lot of importance to our appearance, we can even be intelligent without being witty or street-smart.

I thus employ a rather broad definition of intelligence. I believe anyone who has the skills to survive independently whilst being more or less morally upright is intelligent. Intelligence basically is only worth as long as you can add value to your life and that of others using it.

Katrina Kaif by my definition is hence very smart. Just think: She, a foreigner, has succeeded in the Hindi Film industry without being able to speak Hindi or Act.  While she may be able to speak the language now, she achieved commercial success well before this was the case. She knew this is an industry that values anything white and foreign and monetized on the one thing she had. Haters gonna hate, but Miss Kaif is getting richer as we speak.

Smart is not equals to Rich and Successful

There are tonnes of street-smart people who in their quest to oversimplify things greatly mess up their lives. They never learn to monetise their skills or cultivate financial discipline. This kind of “smartness” is frankly useless.

Look around you, many people in your vicinity who you consider rich or successful are most likely not extraordinarily intelligent. If their wealth or success is self-made, it’s the result of hard work, resilience, and drive. Even your parents and friends with a higher income are probably not very smart or the best in their field, but they do manage to get by and sometimes even lead luxurious lives.

At present, it is the average people who rule the world and that is a good thing. Because it means we are moving towards a society that believes in justice and values work and skills. Someone who achieved their success easily won’t cherish it.

Smart is not Nice

The traits that make any relationship last are kindness, compassion, dignity, helpfulness amongst others. Intelligence rarely is a factor. The people closest to me may or may not be intelligent, but each of them is definitely irreplaceable. we have a friend for dumb jokes, a drinking buddy, a friend for panicking before results, and my mom for everything.

I myself know, from my over 2 decades of life experience that I am nothing extraordinary, in a lot of respects especially intelligence, but that in no way impairs me as a person. I have a good relationship with friends and family, have always been an above average student, and have a lot of potential to earn a decent living.

Someone smart won’t necessarily be your shoulder to cry on. Your intelligent friend might not join you in your ridiculous antics. The class topper might not actually be very helpful.

Mugging up is not dumb

A lot of the toppers of my class who have ended up pretty successful knew definitions and answers verbatim. Even I cleared numerous exams by learning stuff by heart. Does it mean I understood nothing? No. Did I absolutely need to understand in and out of everything I learned in school? Definitely no.

It is almost annoying to hear “Oh I just can’t mug up!”. Anyone who has survived the Indian education system does know how to. Mugging up is also known as “Memory Power” and it is essential in professions such as Medical, Law, and Chartered Accountancy to mention a few. Remembering details such as addresses, mobile numbers, and even names are all forms of “mugging up” because we remember them without having any supporting logic.

Over to You

Get over your obsession with intelligence! Being smart is a trait, like being a particular skin tone or height, it’s good but doesn’t mean anything. Each one of us has had our fair share of blonde moments and have no right to judge others on their intelligence

Misbah Fathima
Pseudo-intellectual, NOT a traveler, adventurer, or a bibliophile. I like working with numbers and writing in my free time.