Offbeat Bollywood Movies you should Watch now

Bollywood is slowly but surely improving considering the trend in the past few years. We have a lot of women-centric and Offbeat Bollywood Movies. While the pace of this metamorphosis is sluggish, Bollywood unfortunately has to bear the brunt of the posh and pretentious masses who dislike everything Indian and believe only Hollywood has “real talent”.

In this article I haven’t mentioned the obvious choices such as Hera Pheri, Queen, and even 3 Idiots as one must have to be living under a rock to not have benefitted from these extraordinary works of Hindi cinema.

List of Best Offbeat Bollywood Movies you should Watch now

Without further ado, here’s my pick of must-watch Offbeat Bollywood Movies

1. Piku

The movie received some negative reviews for all the talk of constipation and defecation, but to those people who complained I’d like to say – Grow up! Shitting is a normal part of life and these are things discussed in a normal household. That fact that it was brought up ever so often in the movie was what made it so realistic and relatable.

It also takes us through the journey of the independent and assertive Piku. Piku is straightforward and confident and doesn’t need a man by her side, yet seeks one without feeling ashamed about it. Piku is secure enough of her femininity and empowerment that she embraces the idea of marriage and doesn’t drive just to prove a point that women can also drive.

Watch Piku for a fresh storyline and a different perspective.

2. Rockstar & Phillauri

These 2 movies are my favourite Bollywood love stories and here’s why. Rockstar is excellent at all levels, more so when it comes to cinematography and music. The movie does justice to the beauty of Delhi, Kashmir, Prague, and even the lead actors. The music was directed by A.R. Rahman and thus, needs no further recommendation. The movie is actually the story of Janardhan and how he slowly loses himself in his love for his art and his beloved Heer. To me, this was the best performance given by Ranbir Kapoor in his entire career.

Phillauri may have a predictable storyline but still manages to bring something new to the table. It showcases the power of art and how it can move masses, it captures the turmoil and loss of life that occured when the country was colonised, and of course it talks of eternal undying love that goes far beyond the lifetime of the couple.

3. Badrinath Ki Dulhania

Anyone who claims to be a feminist must definitely watch Badrinath. It takes us through the love story of Badri, a wealthy small town boy, and Vydehi, a smart young independent woman from a humble background. It comes as no surprise that Alia Bhatt played her part excellently, but what did grab my attention was Varun Dhawan’s performance. Sure it wasn’t Filmfare worthy, but it by no means was bad.

Dhawan does a great job of playing the naive, kind-hearted, and childish boy Badri is. Despite his orthodox upbringing, he is broad-minded without being a fiesty rebel. Very few mainstream actors can set their egos aside and play a gullible character with so much class. Vydehi puts the power in empowerment. She is in love but not a pushover. She stands her ground throughout and doesn’t give in even when the going gets tough.

4. Anarkali of Arrah

This movie is probably the most serious and realistic of the list. It’s based on harassment and how people misuse their power. Swara Bhaskar’s acting prowess is insanely underrated. She was nothing less than extraordinary in this movie. What really sets her apart is the kind of character she was playing – a performer in a small town in Bihar.

Despite being “put in her place” by lecherous bureaucrats, Anarkali continues to fight for her rights. This is a woman who’d have never even heard of “feminism” or “empowerment” yet has a sound idea of what justice means. This just goes out to show feminism isn’t exclusive to the more privileged amongst us. She is a performer with dignity and tactfully makes her point – no means no.

In Conclusion

Indians and their line of thought may seem archaic and regressive to the youth these days but is is actually very progressive and fair. The above list of movies is a reflection of how talented and broad-minded the filmmakers today are. They give us something familiar and relatable but still manage to surprise and entertain. They have redefined love, independence, courage, and empowerment.

This by no means is an exhaustive list as no list can do justice to the entertainment and talent Bollywood brings to us. Go ahead and suggest some Offbeat Bollywood Movies recommendations in the comments section, along with reasons as to why we should watch them.

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