Is it necessary to ignore someone to love someone else?

Love stories are heart breaking or romantic; love is a pleasing fantasy or a brutal reality?

People say it depends on person to person, the way they interpret love and their desires out of the person they are committed to.

I agree that fate is partial to some and unsatisfactory to others but the question is that are the two individuals involved in a love story the only sufferers or there is alot behind the scene!!

Friends at stake

Be it infatuation or love, the initial stages of a relationship are boundless. It’s the person he/she claims to love the only one who matters the most. Good morning to good night texts, hours and hours of conversations in between or actual meeting dates is what their lives revolve around.

Friends whom we claim to be the closest after our parents are also sufferers in this relationship game. Hours of talking bull shit and hanging around to explore new places usually come to an end when one of the person truly devotees himself/herself into a relationship.

Guy/Girl friends lose importance

At times when you spend ample amount of time with a person you naturally experience a sense of attachment and closeness towards that person which needness be love but it’s just that you are comfortable together.

In such a situation when one of them be it the guy or the girl starts dating then any third person, than the other naturally is the sufferer as he/she loses a buddy to hang out with. He/she naturally feels left out since the other person is too much devoted in his/her relationship.
That essence of friendship somewhere loses its originality, as the same bond often ceases to exist between the two.

Reason for neglectance

Also the guy/girl whom he/she is committed to often has a jealousy factor when his girlfriend hangs out with a male friend or her boyfriend roams around with a girl. So at times in order to save the relationship people generally opt to stay away from such a friend, distance themself from him/her and preserve their so called love.

A wrong perception

I always fail to understand this concept. It is necessary that you always need to choose between your closest friend (most probably if it’s the opposite gender) and the person you feel for?
Why friendship often loses when love comes it’s way?
Why can not both the friend and the boyfriend stay equally close and the girl does not need to distance herself from one of them?

The true reason behind this according to me is insecurity.
It’s the insecurity of the guy or the girl which kills a pure relation of friendship. If the two of them are happy together, a friend loses the closest person he has!


I at no point say that falling in love or being in a serious relationship is faulty or wrong, it indeed is the best feeling in life to have that one person who is going to be by your side through thick and thin, but neglecting others just to be close to one particular person, breaking all existing ties is what does not makes sense according to me.

Do give your suggestions and also share if you have ever experienced such neglectance from someone.