How to Get Matches on Tinder?

For guys, having no matches on Tinder is extremely common — despite swiping right on almost everyone.You may start thinking you’re bad enough to attract Tinder matches or not good enough.But the vast majority of the time — it’s normal for even good-looking guys to get no matches on Tinder — the question isn’t something wrong with you. The Real Question is How to Get Matches on Tinder?

Here’s the Real Reason So Many Guys Get No Matches on Tinder:

1. Selfies will not work for Tinder


Selfies lie about your face. We skew your features so that the ratio of your forehead, nose, and chin is all-so-subtle.Not to mention, in your bathroom or car, selfies only tell the story of you alone.

From now on, tell someone to take any photos of you when you’re out with your family or friends. (In my experience, girls with you will love to do this.) Start collecting shots from you in different enjoyable environments.Or if you honestly don’t know a single girl and guy who will take pictures of you, use our tricks to take better photos on their own.

2. Good Tinder Bio


Tinder users who have no profiles, three photos and no contacts or connections with each other? Typically they are bots, about 95 percent of the time.So if there’s no text in your profile, you’re damaging the chances of that perfect tap. If you don’t have a “Me” tab on Tinder, you won’t be able to say that there are no matches for Tinder.

Do not make it look like crap, either. Women aren’t as quick or superficial as guys to stop them from soaring.

3. You Don’t Use The Tinder App Enough

The Tinder algorithm is a bitch’s complicated brother. I’m not going to sit in front of you as I know exactly how it works. I’m going to say that if you don’t use the software for a few days (up to a week), the next time you start swiping, you’ll likely get more games.

If you’re not using the app for a few days, you’re going to be so far down the match results that girls in your field may never see you. Make it a rule to use the app every 1-3 days if you want more Tinder matches. If not, your profile will be decaying, fading, and people will no longer be shown.

4. Don’t Spam Right on Everyone

You may have swipped out of your league entirely and ignored all those who swiped right on you. Try to lower the expectations if necessary, but don’t just tap spam right on everyone.

Final Note

Last but not least, I’m going to say that, and please don’t take it seriously because this way it’s not said at all. Tinder is a virtual feature-based device. So although we all like to believe that we are perfect on the outside, the fact is that some of us are just mediocre and we have to use our charisma to impress someone.
That said, find another dating / connection page where aesthetics are positioned at the front of the line and all else is a very distant second.