Funny Computer Programming Pickup Lines

Geeky Pickup Lines, They Might Work

We take no responsibility for any awkwardness resulting from the use of these lines in geeky pick- up lines. Get out and pick up now.

  1. I think you’re my compiler. My life wouldn’t start without you.
  2. Can you be my private variable? I want to be the only one with access to you.
  3. My love for you cannot be measured with an int, not with a long, and not even with an array. It is out of bounds and infinite.
  4. Baby, you overclock my processor.
  5. Hey girl, want to see my Red Hat?
  6. Come to my and I’ll give you sudo access.
  7. You can put a Trojan on my Hard Drive anytime.
  8. Are you an angel, because your texture mapping is divine!
  9. Hey baby, wanna go do some PUSHing and POPing…
  10. You are my loop condition. I keep coming back to you.
  11. You are my methods. I am nothing without you.
  12. You are my API. I want to know everything about you.
  13. You are my super-class: you define what I can do.
  14. You are my semicolon; always present in everything I do.
  15. You are my initializer: without you, my life would point to nothing (null).
  16. I’ll show you my source code.
  17. Baby, you’re the invariant of the algorithm of my heart.
  18. Baby, you make all my binary search trees balance.
  19. Can I dereference my pointer inside your protected area?
  20. My thesis was on putting Coq in LaTeX; would you like to see a demonstration?
  21. Baby, you’re the only accept state of my finite automaton
  22. Hi can I check out your Data Base
  23. Can I do your Systems Analysis
  24. Gee I wish your Flow Chart is not short
  25. Shall I back up the last program
  26. Would you like the Output in Realtime
  27. Let’s try my Game 4Play
  28. Do you wish to download my new Application – Orgasm
  29. Hey what are you doing?!
    Just Debugging!
  30. Hey you skipped foreplay!
    Sorry Runtime Error
  31. Boy you are my .exe file
  32. Unzip fast else the App will hang
  33. My heart beat goes from O(2^n) to O(logn) on seeing you.
  34. Together, we make great parent classes of multiple inheritance.
  35. Query me once, i’m sure you’ll come back. I’m a SQL. (sequel)
  36. Hi.. try me, I wont throw you any exceptions.
  37. Can’t stand this far from you. Let’s stay Clojure.
  38. Hey ‘M’odel, to stop ‘V’iewing you is not in my ‘C’ontrol.
  39. You want to try my new insertion algorithm?
  40. You definitely overflow my stack!
  41. I’m leaking memories all over for you.
  42. You’re like the star I’ve been searching all my life on my broken pointer!
  43. My drive is always a solid state!
  44. You look like an exception, would love to try and catch you.
  45. Nice threads. Let’s go to my place and sync up? No? How about we just fork instead?
  46. I am restless, can we go to your home and soap up?  (Only works with Microsoft employees)