The Case of Emilie Sagee & her Doppelganger

Have you ever seen your doppelganger? For your sake, I hope not. They are supposedly a bad omen or a harbinger of doom if spotted by the person they are imitating. I’ve heard that if you saw yourself, like an exact copy, that you wouldn’t recognize yourself. Somehow our brains can’t comprehend this duplication so it just sees this “copy” or “twin” as another regular person. What do you think? This only goes for non-twin people though.

What is the Meaning of Doppelganger?

A little back information about the term “doppelganger”. A German word that means “double walker” or “double goer” and is described as a reflection or projection of someone who is not deceased.

For Emilie Sagee, her doppelganger created quite a bit of trouble for her professional life.

Who is Emilie Sagee ?

Emilie was a teacher in the mid 19th-century France. By all accounts, the people who knew her said she was likable, intelligent, and an overall good teacher. But she was fired from 19 schools in just 16 years because of this strange phenomenon that followed her wherever she went. Can you imagine what was going through her head? It makes me wonder if this had always been a factor in her life? In her childhood? Right before she died? I attempted to find more information about her childhood and later life but I came up short. If you or anyone has any further information I would greatly appreciate it!

Explained Story of Emilie Sagee

In 1846, Emilie was hired as a teacher at an exclusive all-girls school, Pensionat von Neuwelckle in present-day Latvia. This school catered to the girls of wealth, nobility, and fine upbringing. Aka it was for rich bitches. She was well-liked by staff and students until odd occurrences starting being reported to the headmaster, Mr. Buch.

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Mr. Buch brushed off the first reports of Emilie Sagee “splitting into two” and labeled the experiences as “crazy” and that the girls were “dreaming”. Like a shared delusion? Mass hysteria?

Students reported that when Emilie would stand at the chalkboard and write sentences that her doppelganger would appear beside her and mimic her movements. Emilie never saw this.

Staff began to become unnerved during mealtimes as Emilie’s doppelganger would manifest around her, either standing, sitting, or mimicking her movements. On another occasion, Emilie was helping a girl get ready for a festival (it was a boarding school, just FYI. She wasn’t some creeper that went home with the girls). As the girl looks down she sees two Emilie’s helping her dress and faints from the shock of it all.

The most widely known case happened in front of 42 witnesses inside a classroom. Emilie was clearly visible from the classroom window as she worked in the garden and picked flowers for a bouquet. At the same time, the doppelganger of Emilie materialized in an armchair inside the classroom. The girls stated that Emilie’s movement outside became more difficult and labored when this “twin” appeared inside. Like it was taking a physical toll on her. Freaky!! Two of the students attempted to touch the Emilie doppelganger but their hands went thru her and they described it as feeling like “cobwebs” or “thick cloth”. of course, these girls immediately freaked out and who blames them! By the time Emilie came back into the classroom, the doppelganger had dematerialized. Her lethargy had vanished along with it. When confronted with the occurrence later by Mr. Buch, Emilie said that she had an urge to go inside and supervise the class but also wanted to work in the garden. She wanted to be in two places at once.

Parents began to pull their girls out of the school as news spread about this weird teacher, Ms. Emilie Sagee. The ones left behind were too scared and intimidated to work productively. The headmaster had no choice but to dismiss her.

Editor Note

Did this urge to be in two places at once actually manifest a doppelganger? I have another theory that it could be a bleed through from some alternate universe where Emilie HAD stayed inside. Please please please share your thoughts with me! This case is so so so intriguing to me.

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