Cartridge of Nintendo's classic Video game "Super Mario 64" sold for $1.56 Million

Cartridge of Nintendo’s classic Video game “Super Mario 64” sold for $1.56 Million

A cartridge from Nintendo’s iconic video game “Super Mario 64” broke a world record when it sold for $1.56 million at auction on Sunday (roughly Rs. 11.6 crores).

The transaction occurred only two days after a sealed edition of The Legend of Zelda – created for the ancient Nintendo NES platform – sold for an all-time high of $870,000 (approximately Rs. 7.4 crores) (roughly Rs. 6.4 crores). The cartridge was still in its original packing, despite the fact that it was from 1987.

Zelda is one of the most important titles in the history of video games and one of Nintendo’s most well-known series, combining adventure, action, and exploration in a beautiful environment.

According to Eric Bradley, a representative for the Dallas-based business, the game was the “masterpiece” in an auction of 443 lots that continues until Sunday.

The purchasers have not been named by Heritage Auctions in Dallas, which handled both purchases. The previous high-water mark for a video game auction was set in April when a 1986 Super Mario Bros. cartridge sold for $660,000. (roughly Rs. 4.9 crores).

Retro video games have grown in popularity among nostalgic collectors in recent years, driving up auction prices for old-school systems and cartridges.