Blooming College Fantasy and Changing Emotions with Time

Today I am gonna share my experience rather the experience of a thousand tiny tods who suddenly grow up one day and are considered capable to live their lives ALONE.

The ever fantasying dream of every child is to be independent one day, independent from society, independent from rituals, from relatives and customs and independent from the haunting parental control. Though this seems quite appealing when observed from distant but the real scenario is a bit different.

The real pressure, the actual burden is experienced only when the child comes out of the safest place on earth that is his/her home and ends up lying in some pg, hostel or flat, working hard each day for a brighter future.

Initial Days

Initially we students just try to cope up with the pain of being away from our family and friends, struggle hard each day to find the hostel food worth eating and also deal with money crisis most of the time.

For me being an emotional kid being away from my parents indeed was a set back. All my excitement to enter college lost its way within few days when I started missing my parents hell bad. Being used to of getting hot chapattis cooked by mum, being pampered and loved whenever broken down, I somewhere spent the entire night crying, craving just to see her beautiful face but still somehow managed to have a smiling face the next day.

Upcoming Challenge to cop up with

Somehow when I was dealing with this emotional trauma the next challenge that comes up is to be friendly with every other person you come across. No matter you like them or not greet them with a smile. This not being my nature since I wasn’t very approachable and a bit reserved initially I found it difficult to be friends with other students.

Being Lonely Sucks

Sitting alone by the cafeteria and under the cafe tree pissed me off and at times I came back crying just because I felt lonely, I hardly had anyone to share what I was going through. Amidst hundreds and thousands of students, I somewhere missed my school friends who meant the world to me. Time with them used to fly within blink of an eye and today here, in the fantasied college life I stood alone on my very first day.

A Much Needed Change

Days passed things began to change rather I began to change. I was no more a reserved girl and used to chit chat with every person in my class. I started loving college and also the transformation in me. I indeed was a better person with a better level of confidence. Gradually I began to have a group of friends and things seems to be better by each passing day but the only thing that became worse as days passed was my hostel food.

Extract the Good from Life

Each incident in life teaches us something so did I learn from this. Change is the law of nature nothing is permanent nor anything might stay forever it is upon us how we perceive the change. Either we can learn from it and be a better person or ultimately just give up and sit dead and frozen. Time heels everything and in order to adopt the change in our lifestyle and our daily routine the only thing which could assist us is TIME. Give time to yourself and also others and things are surely gonna get better one day.


I wrote this article just to share my experience and i hope a lot of students must have surely gone through the same. This is something i learnt in my initial days and hope to learn more and be a better person.

If you have any suggestions regarding the same please share your views in the comment section below.

Thank you for spending your valuable time and reading my article.


Guneet Kaur
Compassionate, Passionate and overflowing boundless fantasies is what makes me write. I am a teen who has just stepped into college pursuing Bsc in CS from St Stephens College, Delhi. Taking this opportunity I would want not only to raise social issues but also write about the emotional and psychological well-being.