Best Things Guys must do when they are in a Relationship

Love, a word that brings butterflies to pop up in your stomach, a word that gives you a natural blush and a word that completes you. When a girl finds her love she makes sure that she isn’t leaving any stone unturned in making her relationship work. The physical and the emotional touch that you give becomes her life. She craves for it when you are not near and when near she acts normal.

People say girls are unpredictable so, let me help you with certain things that makes a girl repeatedly fall for you.

The Magical Kiss on Forehead

You have no idea about how a mere kiss on forehead can do wonders for your girl. This kiss makes her feel the luckiest to have you in this world. It is a symbol of security that you provide her with. The touch of your lips on her forehead kisses away all her worries and she is left with your love and passion. Trust me, your intimacy level increases to the highest while you perform this act.

Random Adorable Comments

As she works in the kitchen or during the times when she has had a tiring day your “Hey Sweetie, You are Beautiful” can work wonders for her. This little effortless shower of love is a mood uplifter. Without any self realization of your spontaneous act you will make her go gaga over you.

Giving Hugs from Back

Merging with her from behind holding her waist as if you will never let her go is a way of embracing the relationship you both have. These hugs are irresistible and surely the best of all. This gesture of yours personifies knighthood. It is like a pledge of yours to rescue her from all the hardships she might come across. She feels the safest everytime you plunge into hugging her from back.

Soft Kisses on her Neck

As you grab her close to yourself and start giving slender touch of your lips over her neck, boom! You have cracked the code to bring the best out of her. Be it physically or emotionally you have stirred the warmth of your love in her.

Cuddle Cuddle

Having deep talks with her head over your chest, looking intensely into her eyes and securing her closer to yourself seems to be the most amiable things you do. During the cuddle process you both get to discover each other’s internal compassion therefore making it the most alluring activity performed by you two.

Speaking your Heart Out

Having worthy talks in a relationship is very important. Converse about your fears, your dreams, your family and everything that happens in your life with her. Feeling low? Let her know, Elated? Share the news with her! This delivers to her the importance she holds in your life. While you are into these conversations with her you get to know that no matter how badly life knocks you down you both will stand by each other.


When you enact the things mentioned above and see her smiling that is the very point you realize that your efforts have reached their fruition. Lover her without any constraints and she will reserve you for life!