Best Party Alternatives You Should Try in 2019

Parties may look fun in movies but in real life take a toll on introverts and extroverts alike. They are crowded, noisy, the good food ends quickly, people seem more pretentious than usual to mention a few. It’s not necessary to have a party to have fun. Here are some best Party Alternatives which you can try to have a good time with friends.

1. Cook

This is one of the most fun activities my friends and I indulge in. Cooking happens to be really simple, especially if you have help. You can try out the randomest dishes, improvise a few ingredients here and there. And voila! Your masterpiece is ready.

Cooking is an important skill you ought to know. Don’t be too hard on yourself if your dishes don’t turn out right. Cooking will also save you money and you can customise your dishes to your tastes.

2. Household Chores

This is easier for those of us who live in hostels and have roommates. Spend a lazy sunday afternoon cleaning and ticking things off your list of errands. Go about it slowly and make it like a fun game. You can reward yourself at each stage, by ordering something you like, or watching an episode of a TV show you bond over.

3. Learn

Most of us at any point of time have several pending assignments and projects, 50 different concepts we didn’t understand in class, and no skill to justify our 15+ years worth of education.

When done with a group of (responsible) friends even learning can be a piece of cake. They can help you stay disciplined when you feel tired and vice versa, you can even teach each other. Don’t restrict yourself to technical skills or scholastic disciplines, take a painting or carpentry workshop together, or learn a new language.

4. Travel

These could be a trip to your favorite hill station or the one which you haven’t been already, mini picnics to regular places in the outskirts of your city and even nearby locations. You can decide a bunch of activities to do (like jigsaw puzzles, other games), bring food you like, get a music player and enjoy yourselves.

You could even skip the traffic and just stay home. Call a few friends over, redecorate your house with dim lights to get the whole night club ambience, buy your own alcohol, play some music and pretend it’s a party. This has numerous advantages over regular pubs, you are forced to learn some cooking and bar tending to be a good host to your guests, the drinks work out much cheaper, you can play your own kind of music and you don’t even need to worry about shady strangers.


I always say – fun depends on the person, not the surroundings or circumstances. If you’re the kind to cherish each moment, your entire life will be a joyful series of events. We ought to learn to enjoy doing even the regular and mundane things we are compelled to do each day. These may not be glorified by media, but are important in the lives of everyone irrespective of age.

Group outings are rarely as exciting as they are made out to be and often turn out to be expensive. Neither do you have enough autonomy when it comes to setting the budget, location, food, and other activities that form part of the outing. It is always smarter to spend time with a few people in a simple setting. Even after splurging there’s only so happy you can be.

Misbah Fathima
Pseudo-intellectual, NOT a traveler, adventurer, or a bibliophile. I like working with numbers and writing in my free time.