Best 6 Things To Do When You’re Bored

Each one of us, irrespective of age, have been in situations where we were terribly bored and weren’t allowed many options to get out of said boredom. It may be during a lecture in school or college or a meeting at the office. It may even be some family get-together or an uneventful holiday. Here are Things To Do When You’re Bored

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1.Read, Write, Doodle

This helps out in work or school settings. You can easily get away with reading or writing without the same looking suspicious or getting unnecessary attention. Make sure the content you’re going through is the SFW category, just in case. You can finish a pending novel or hone your writing skills.

Doodling is the slightly risky of the above options, but if you think you can manage not getting pulled out for not paying attention, this is the most fun of the three options. You can create pretty patterns or learn some sketching techniques online. Doodle away to expend all that wasted time.

2. Participate

This is gain applicable for work related settings as well as family get-together. Offer to help and take an active part in the event. Do the running around and the chores. It saves you the awkward conversations with older relatives regarding your “future plans” and keeps you occupied whilst useful and productive.

3. Tidy up

A majority of us are messy people. When it comes to cleaning up, there’s room for improvement for each of us.

Tidy up your workspace or bed. Add a shelf to your room to neatly stack all the papers and books that are piled up on your desk. Get your wardrobe in order and make sure you have extras/refills for every item. Dispose things you haven’t used in a while. Make sure you know where every item you own is kept and that it stays there so that there’s no hurry in times of need.

4. Arts and Crafts

Continuing the keep-your-surroundings-neat-and-tidy tip, you can go a step further by decorating your space. This may sound girly or childish but having orderly and customised surroundings boosts our productivity and overall mood a great deal. Doing any form of art is like a therapy session for most of us. Which is why anyone with even a little time on their hand should invest in this hobby.

It can be both a vent for our creativity as well as aesthetic appeal to our surroundings. You can begin a piece and keep working on it during your commute or while waiting, if it’s something simple to carry around.

5. Learn a new skill

This means something simple like learning calligraphy or solving a 3X3 Rubik’s cube. These skills don’t require a lot of investment in terms of time and are a great pass time even if you don’t really use it in your lifetime.

Think of it this way – learning how to solve the Rubik’s cube beats scrolling through your feed on any social network. It would also teach you logic and visualising 3D surfaces. You can try learning various kinds of skills like embroidery, playing the guitar, baking, carpentry, and so on.

6. Part time job or Freelance work

This is if you have a lot of free time on hand and are preferably over 18. You can sign up for a sort of work-from-home or freelance post (as I am currently doing). There are various job posts which offer such openings, they include posts such as – virtual assistant, copywriting, freelance professional advisory, amongst others. You can even create a small supplementary source of income in the long run.

In Conclusion

Boring and fun depend on the person, not the circumstance or surroundings. However, offices and educational institutions do their best to ensure even the most fun people amongst us have a hard time staying positive and cheerful. They kill our morale and zeal. This is why we need stress-busters and activities that will keep us occupied whilst being a good stimulus for our brain. It may be difficult initially to stick to doing 2 activities parallely, but once you get used to it, it becomes a way of life.

Misbah Fathima
Pseudo-intellectual, NOT a traveler, adventurer, or a bibliophile. I like working with numbers and writing in my free time.