Best 17 Hindi Puns

Searching for clever puns? You’re in the ideal place, the best cliché jokes to entertain you. we have the puns which designed to make serious laughs.

  1. My watch is stuck between 2.00 and 2:30; it’s a do or dhai situation.
  2. Vishwanathan Anand gets tense when the waiter asks, ‘Check de doon’.
  3. A potato was grilled by cops; after two hours of torture, it gave in, ‘Main Batata hun, main Batata hun…’
  4. Friends pay food bills on a de-tu-de basis.
  5. An old lady asked me the way to the temple; I replied, ‘Magistrate’
  6. The salaried class feel that the changing nature of taxes is too T.D.S.
  7. What do you call a laughing motorcycle?
    A Yamahahaha
  8. A sheikh in Dubai supports teenagers,
    he’ll be called ‘Protein Shake’
  9. I wash the dishes at her house, she washes the dishes at mine.
    We are ‘maid’ for each other
  10. If a consultant leaves his/her job,
    they will say ‘Tata Consultancy Services’
  11. My brother in law is named dosa,
    I call him ‘Masala Dosa’
  12. A murder in an ATM will be called suicide because it is ‘ATM-hatya’.
  13. If your friend changes a lot in four years, what will he/she be called?
    ‘Fourier transform’
  14. A friend of mine is named Sonam, her favorite song is ‘I’ve become so numb’
  15. If Varun is thrown off a plane he’d be called ‘Vafly
  16. If someone lands on Mars, what will he/she say.
    ‘Yei to unEarth ho Gaya’
  17. What do you call a former IT engineer?