6 Reasons You Should Start Watching Futurama Right Away

You must have probably Seen or Heard about the famous TV series Futurama. In case you haven’t here are 6 Reason why should you should start Watching it Right Away.

1. It’s one of the first Sci-fi / Adult Cartoons.

You might be having a ball watching Rick and Morty or Gravity Falls but little did you know Futurama created this genre way back in the year 1999. With a lot of Adult Humour and Sci-Fi Concepts this Show literally set a Benchmark for all shows to follow.

2. It Has a unique story.

Basically Futurama is the story of Philip.J.Fry who is a pizza delivery boy and gets cryogenically frozen for a 1000 years. While he is delivering a pizza in the cryogenics office on the new year’s eve of 1999.

He wakes up 1000 years later only to find out about How Hundreds of things have changed on Earth Due to Technological Advancements, Yet How many things about human behavior remain the same irrespective of those advancements.
Now Futurama is the bizarre events that happen in Philip’s life as he manages to get used to this futuristic world while he is employed at a courier company that delivers interplanetary packages.

3. The Characters.

No show can be called great without it having a host of characters that define the very essence the show creates, And Futurama is no different.
The Characters range from robots that can have sex and reproduce new robots to scientists that can create time machines and black holes, yet spend their time working in delivering goods like a courier company.

4. The Science.

Each Episode of Futurama Dives into a new domain of what you may call Bizarrity. You will be astounded to see the type of scientific Concepts the episodes follow. The Whole premise is made funny but every time you watch it the show sends chills down your spine.

For Example one of the episode shows that ‘Leonardo Da Vinci’ Was from a planet where people were extremely smart and ’Da Vinci’ was relatively an Idiot on that planet. So he comes to earth builds few things which are of negligible importance on his home planet but for us Humans. Well you know How much science owes ‘Leonardo’ right. So if you are looking for some weird science action. Futurama is for you.

5. You Can Relate to it.

It is one of those shows where you will be like, “Hey something like that happened to me once”. As I’ve already said human behavior hasn’t changed in the Futurama universe, You see many situations that you can relate to. You will also fall in love with how The Show takes all our insecurities and shows it as a common trait among humans. C’mon i mean, that’s what make us Humans. So cheer up. Nothing to be Ashamed or worried of, Futurama’s got your back.

6. The Fourth Wall.

The show is constantly seen to be making fun of things like the I-phone or the U.S President Richard Nixon. It doesn’t even spare the people making it as you will find multiple jokes about the time when their show had gotten cancelled and even the Team that makes the shows etc.


These were 6 reasons, you should start watching Futurama Right away. I have seen the entire run of Futurama and it will leave you wanting for more. If you have seen it already, tell us in the comment section, what you like about it. If you haven’t, Well, you know what to do.